Onyx Influencer Program

About Onyx

Onyx is a revolutionary new fitness app that uses the camera on your phone to track nearly any exercise, correct your form, and provide guided workouts tailored to your performance in real time.


Our mission is to make truly personal fitness accessible to anyone, and create the greatest social fitness experience that doesn't rely on expensive equipment.

The App

Workouts - The core of the Onyx app is the workouts which combine exercise videos, high energy music, and audio guidance. The digital trainer understands your abilities and performance, and tells you to "straighten your back", "jump higher", or "bend lower to 90 degrees" in real time.

Challenges - We've introduced fun social challenges like who can do the most pushups in a row or hold the longest plank. You can invite your friends to join your challenge, compare scores, or track progress together every day.

Highlight Videos - At the end of each workout or challenge, Onyx gives you a highlight real of your best reps and final score. More on this soon!

Leaderboards - Each workout has a leaderboard, letting you compete with other Onyx users or your friends.

Stats - Onyx tracks brand new stats like longest hold, reps per minute, or overall form, helping you measure and understand your progress in detail.

How It Works

The program is simple - as an influencer you will get a unique download link for the Onyx app, giving your followers 50% off the Pro subscription. For every person that installs through your link and starts a subscription, you will keep 15% of the revenue.

Why are we giving you extra rev share? Because we want you to make awesome content! If your posts do well or go viral, there is potential to see significant additional returns. 

Social Media Content

The great thing about the app is that it makes great content for you!


Onyx auto-generates a highlight reel at the end of every workout or challenge. By tracking your reps and performance, it picks your best moments, and cuts them together into a 15 second video. This video shows you side by side with the tracking, and ends with your final score, as you can see below:


We recommend doing a challenge and nominating 5 friends to join. This feels very organic, and your followers will be more likely to join as well. Telling your followers they can add you on Onyx will get them excited about working out with you and increase the chance they subscribe!


Another great option is full workouts. Workouts provide a much higher variety of exercises (30+), and each individual highlight video may have 5+ exercises, so these are a great way to create different content for each video.


Your video can include you quickly talking about the app before the highlights, or how the challenge/workout was after the highlights. You may also want to show a recording of you using the app from the back or the side, or a closeup of the phone showing the outline of your body being tracked.

As we mentioned, going viral with an Onyx video can lead to meaningful returns, so feel free to be funny and get creative! Maybe your dog walks in and ruins your workout, and his/her body gets picked up by the tracking, maybe you fall down halfway, maybe you knock something over... have fun with it!


Below are some of the concepts and phrases that should be mentioned either by text or talking about the app:

  • It's free to use! There are several free workouts each week, and challenges are completely free forever. Onyx Pro gives unlimited access to our full workout and program library, which is what the 50% discount is for.

  • Onyx tracks any exercise with just a camera

  • It corrects your form, and tells you when to bend lower, straighten your back, jump higher, etc.

  • It learns your abilities over time, and personalizes your plan based on your abilities

  • It shows you progress and stats for new exercises that weren't possible before

  • It's like having your own personal trainer, anywhere, all the time

  • It lets you add your friends, complete challenges together, and compete on the leaderboard

  • It's perfect for working out at home, especially during the current quarantine


Please review the instructions below to create a high quality highlight video with a clean outline of your body:

Some example highlight posts can be found in our Instagram story here:


Please make sure to mention @getonyxfit, and tag #getonyxfit, #onyx on your post. We recommend using other trending hashtags like #keepingactive and #homeworkout for more visibility.

You must disclose your material connection with Onyx for your post via #ad or #sponsored tags

Let's do this!

We’re excited to work with you, and look forward to changing the way people work out together!