The future of fitness is almost here.


The world's smartest digital trainer

Onyx counts your reps, corrects your form, and motivates you at the perfect time. It’s everything you want in a personal trainer, without the cost, and on your schedule.


Personalized workouts

Tired of workouts that move too fast? Trainers that say the same thing no matter how you're doing?


Your coach understands your performance and tailors the workout to you in real time.

Track your performance

Onyx counts your squats, times your planks, and measures your pace with just a camera.

Track nearly any exercise with the world’s first 3D motion capture system on your phone.

Get real-time feedback

We’ll help you improve your form so you get the best results and avoid injury.

Your coach tells you to “bend lower”, “straighten your back”, and “jump higher” with instant audio feedback.

Measure your progress

Onyx brings progress tracking to a whole new level.

Understand how you’re improving over time with detailed stats for every exercise.

Work out with friends

For extra motivation, turn on the leaderboard and compete with your friends!

Climb up to the top and beat your high score each time. 

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